Red Gate + Griffon. Emmylou.

Good morning, lovely bluebirds!

I am back in Montana trying to do homework, get things ready for my show next Friday, and get out on the trails for some quality time outside and some yoga later tonight. All this scampering around with horses and sagebrush and dogs has given me a naughty case of the sniffles…but I think the lemon-cayenne-ginger-turmeric-bee pollen combinations will lasso that in right and dandy. I’m doing a massive detox. More on that and its results later.

I’m a busy little gal right now. Trying to graduate, getting ready to move back to Idaho and start hotshotting again, making art and music, writing, and maintaining some semblance of a social life in the process. It’s a lot. But it’s rich. Like cowboy coffee in the morning. Like sunflowers blooming. Like snow melting. All those things that seem so slow and juicy–and then BAM! They happen!

Here are some pictures from the oh-so-typical Jenna and Juno jaunts in the mountain-desert. Enjoy. We sure did.

And by the way, listen to 

. The Road by Emmylou Harris.

Red Gate + Griffon. Emmylou.


IMG_0209 IMG_0208 IMG_0223 IMG_0255 IMG_0253 IMG_0233 IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0271 IMG_0261 IMG_0273 IMG_0291 IMG_0227 IMG_0188

I bought one of these Art and Lutherie folk guitars. She’s beautiful! And blue. Made of spruce. Sounds like a bluebird. No twang.

Excited. Have a beautiful day!

J. Bird


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