I just got home from the most beautiful evening trail run. It’s amazing…for a town of people who supposedly love mountain sports, it sure is hard to find a running/mountain biking partner who isn’t under age 45. I’ll never forget my first marathon (I was 15!), my first 50 (I was 17!), and my first triathlon (Also 15!), and I miss that feeling!!! Now that I am 20, I feel like an old lady, mostly because I haven’t been devoting as much time to running and riding. I still feel very strong on the bike, but as far as running goes, I have some transforming to do. I miss the days when I used to be fast…here’s a pic from each of those awesome races…they were firsts that I will never forget!!! 












I really miss the support of my friends and family. I think I am more hesitant to do races here because I really don’t know anyone. In Pocatello, the endurance community was so tightly-knit. I loved it. I am excited to be back there for the summer and maybe the fall as well. 

I guess it’s Thursday night (so, the Missoula weekend begins today) and people are beginning a three day drinking marathon…not a scene this hermit girl is into. That being said, it was rather nice to go scamper for a couple hours by myself. I haven’t ran that hard in awhile, and I really miss running or riding hard every day–sometimes twice a day. I am excited to be done with school because it will give me a chance to run, ride, and climb at the level I used to…without getting hurt.  

Being done with school is another thing I haven’t really talked about on The Lyon’s Roar. I have a week left; I have to leave two weeks early so I can sign my life over to the government and begin five months of fun back on Snake River Hotshots. I’ve always been in school, and this coming year will be the first year I won’t be going back. However, I think I’ve decided what I want to do the following year, and it involves gaining residency in Colorado so I can get my MA in this program starting in 2014:

I am really excited because I think Boulder will be a place I can truly pursue my interests as a writer, a lover of yoga, an artist, and someone who loves to run and ride. I think it will be a supportive community. Though I am sure I will end up back in Missoula at some point because I want to teach at this university, I think it will be good to leave for awhile and gain some perspective, some new friends, and some fresh air (and a Master’s Degree that isn’t offered here). 

But I’m leaving Missoula in a week, and I’ll miss some things, and I won’t miss other things (i.e. the 80% chance of it being overcast at any given point in the day, and the alcoholism). I’m off to see some friends and enjoy what is left of the sunshine. Have a wonderful evening. 

I love you. All of you! 

Also, check this out:


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