Race/Travel Schedule 2013-2014

Hi, lovely bluebirds! 

I have been planning out my next year, and I think I have a pretty full year ahead–kind of like last year, but mostly for running purposes this time and less travel for writing and school purposes.

Here it is…races I am registered for and choosing to train for this next year. I think it should be a good year…a year to reset and get re-focused on what I really like doing. I need to spend more time on the mountain bike, skate skis, and on the trails in general. Time running. Clear my head and get back in endurance shape.

Here is the plan!  

late October- Smokejumper bases tour and Vinyasa Flow yoga intensive in Redmond, OR. 

October 12-13- Boulder 100 in Boulder, CO  or the Deadman Peaks 50 in NM on October 19. 

December 1- Ironman Cozumel in Cozumel, Mexico 

January 26, 2014- St. Croix 50, U.S. Virgin Islands

February 1-April 30: Mysore, India and Pokhara, Nepal 

And then I guess another fire season! 


I am super stoked…the great move to the country and the mountains is happening this weekend. I am excited to work this summer, excited to ski this coming winter (the ski hill is right behind the new house!), and super excited to do some yoga and do a long road ride tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


J. Bird  


Sunday Meditation.

Good morning, bluebirds! And Happy Sunday! 

Last night and this morning I spent a lot of time sitting in meditation, which I haven’t really been able to do in awhile. I was reading this book by Lama Thubten Yeshe. One passage in particular stuck out to me: 

We need not presume that all of the teachings of tantra were propounded by the Buddha during his historical lifetime. Rather, I think that the teachings of tantra could have also emerged through the extraordinary insights of highly realized individuals who were able to explore to the fullest extent the physical elements and the potential within the human body and mind. As a result of such investigation, a practitioner can attain very high realizations and visions, thus enabling him or her to receive tantric teachings at a mystical level. Therefore, when we reflect on tantric teachings, we should not limit our perspective by rigid notions of time and space. (The Dalai Lama, The World of Tibetan Buddhism). 


I’ve been exposed to all this knowledge and I love spending hours reading obscure articles and books about it, but have no formal training in it; after all, I am only 20. 

Awhile ago, I had a dream, vision, whatever you may call it. And I dream about it frequently. I still remember every detail of it vividly, and while at times it is comforting, sometimes it scares me and intimidates me. My dreams are normally not this visceral, and I am normally not one to accept the fact that other spheres of existence are entering into my intuitive faculties. I accept creativity, but generally have rejected the idea of visions or epiphanies. But this time I could not ignore it or write it off because it was real. I could write about it in detail, but I’m not going to because I think it was a vision only meant for me [at the time it was given to me]. The beauty of it is overwhelming–sublime and surreal. I had been feverishly reading books and articles on Tibetan Buddhism, deities, and visions. I found one article that talked about the things I had seen and felt, and I printed it out, carried it around in my backpack, and read it until it was tattered. I still had many questions on the meaning of it. I wondered if I was crazy…why this dream in specific had affected me so deeply. 

Finally I had the chance to talk to somebody who may have known what it was and what it meant a couple weeks ago while I was in Portland. It was scary and exciting to hear what it was all about. I started reading about termas and how they come to be–how they are validated, how they belong to a specific lineage of knowledge, and how one is supposed to handle them. These visions and this knowledge is given to a person and is supposed to be kept until the time is right for it to be articulated in an appropriate and useful way. But hearing the power of it reaffirmed my purpose in life and gives me motivation to keep doing the things I want to do. Maybe my dream will come to be in a painting. Maybe a dance. Maybe a poem. I don’t know. 

It is a gift, and at some point, it will be given to others. 



Another word I read in The Bliss of Inner Fire is the word tummo (གཏུམ་མོ་). 

“Inner fire is tummo in Tibetan, and the literal meaning of tummy is “brave female.” […] Tummo is courageous because it destroys all delusions and superstitions and female because it enables our subtlest level of consciousness to realize simultaneously born great blissful wisdom.” (22). 

I think that, as a young woman, it is important to be brave–to make the most of each year…each moment. I know that I have a fiery personality (and temper), and that is something I need to work to control. But I also need to work on sticking up for myself, for speaking my mind. That’s important. 


This week I will be working and hanging out at The Portneuf Sangha and spending time at the red gate with coffee and griffon. Today, I am chasing after antlers in cowboy boots and enjoying the beautiful weather in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We could leave for fires on Wednesday, so I really have no idea what my life will entail for the next few months! Exciting (but not really)! 

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Read some good books. Go for a walk (or run!). Make some coffee cake and pomegranate spritzers. I don’t know.

I love you all–all your bright blue feathers!


The Lyoness

Ding Ding! We Have a Winner!

Hi lovely bluebirds! 

I wanted to announce the winner of the Spring Giveaway! 

Congratulations to Elizabeth Adams from Marina del Rey, CA! 

You will be receiving the lovely Lyoness package in the mail this week sometime! 



And because I got SO MANY great submissions (over 100!), I will do a runner-up prize, which will be sent to Jackie Moxam in British Columbia! Here is her lovely picture…LOVE her dogs!!! 



I am off the the farmer’s market in Pocatello…I hope everyone has a productive and fun Saturday. Today is my college graduation in Missoula. Needless to say, I am not there, but rather in Pocatello enjoying time off from work and planning on running some ridgelines and doing a brewery bike ride today. And painting will ensue! I am working on a series right now, and I am very excited about it. Jenna shenanigans. 

I love you all, 


Notes from My Day With the Dalai Lama

Notes from the Environmental Summit with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

May 11, 2013 

These were the best photos I could get…Unfortunately I was by myself with no one to take pictures of me at the event, but I was grateful to be there and have an amazing interaction regardless. 



Here are some of the most beautiful statements I gleaned from the event. Enjoy: 

[On climate change]…”In early part of my life, not knowing enormity of the issue, then gradually as I had my own experience and meeting with specialists on the environment…it’s a very serious matter.” 

[On impermanence and taking care of the Earth]…”Taking care of the world simply means taking care of your own home. After all, the whole universe, the Milky Way, the galaxy itself is moving. The direction our galaxy is moving is the same direction another galaxy is moving. So after many years, CRASH! No moving. Impermanence. I don’t think any danger. So anyway, things are moving and changing different position. There’s no other place to escape. Moon? I think not for centuries. Dance in its light, but if we go up there [to the moon], that will be impossible.” 

[On his political views and creativity]…”Perhaps I am a socialist. As far as social economy is concerned, I am Marxist. Without freedom, no human creativity properly functions.” 

[On friendship and love]…”Human friendship, human affection–these are most important. Ultimately the source of joyful life is within ourselves…not money.” 

[On population growth] …”Ultimately there is too much precious life. I think smaller precious life.” 

[On stewardship]…”Buddha was born under a tree. He was enlightened under a tree. He died under a tree. Monastic precepts require monks to cultivate trees and the next monks take care of them.” 

[On codependent arising]…”Ultimately interconnectedness comes from Buddhism…you call ‘mothercentric’ thinking. The future of 7 billion people is interconnected we must increase the concept of ‘we’ to 7 billion people…not thinking about this life, heaven, or nirvana, just building a happy society. We have to act according to reality, even in religious belief.” 

[On research]…”Analytical recitation is based on critical thinking…that develops conviction. Realistically, your mind should be open and not biased.” 

[On compassion]…”Loving kindness is the wish for others to be happy. Karma means affection, action, and research.” 

[How can we keep ourselves from sinking into sadness or despair?]…”Be realistic. Realistically, now global warming and the position of the world is changing. When we face problems, tragedy, you must analyze it. If that tragedy you don’t overcome, don’t worry, make some effort. If you can’t overcome it, don’t worry too much. Just accept the situation. Trying to do some other things is better.” 

[On attachment]…”For the moment, you feel this is the reality, so detach. Then you are becoming objective.” 


I had a wonderful weekend in Portland (and San Francisco!). The things that HHDL said were applicable to my life more than anything else I’ve heard lately. The things he said about attachment, the earth, love, and friendship were so resonant in my mind. I was awestruck at the opportunity I had to be so close to such an important figure in the world…he is so gentle, funny, and well-demeanored…truly a humble individual. All I could feel when I looked into his eyes was joy…pure joy. I forgot everything that was wrong in my life–all the hurt or stress I’ve felt in the past few months–and it went away. I felt grateful for my own life, my family, my true friends, the landscape I live in, and the opportunity I have to experience so many amazing things in this world. All I wanted to do after listening to HHDL was go out in the world, explore, and do the things I was doing before I went to Missoula last winter. It was evident that I became out of touch with the things I love to do in order to complete school…and it was more evident that I need to keep doing the things I was doing last autumn in order to be happy and to give all I can to the world and its people. The things the Dalai Lama said touched my heart deeply and made me think about the things I am doing and the goals I have…everything fit seamlessly with all the research I’ve been doing and all the things I’ve been writing as of late. More importantly, the Dalai Lama made me think about the places I’ve been putting my heart lately…the wrong places. He made me realize that love and friendship should start within yourself and spread to those who deserve it…who need it–to yourself, the world, and people in need. The things you can’t change…don’t focus on them. Leave them alone. Focus on other things. That’s a better use of time, and time, as all of us know, isn’t infinite. 

The surprise Red Hot Chili Peppers show at the end of the event wasn’t too bad either! 

I love you all, 

J. Bird 


Listening to the Chili Peppers with a kata around my neck and a smile on my face! Happy as a lark!



Clipped Wings.

To those who follow this and my elephant journal postings: 

The things I write are my property. Please do not copy them, paste them, or use them against me. My choice to say the things that are on my mind in a public sphere is not your opportunity to hurt my freedom to do so. 

If you don’t like the things I write about you, don’t do them. 

If you don’t like your truth or actions, change them. There is no judgment, only truth. 


Spring Bluebird Givey-Away!

Hello, bluebirds.

I feel as if I haven’t properly welcomed the warm fingers of Spring. Traditionally, I always do a giveaway contest when the seasons change. I can see that most of the followers have figured out to start following the Lyon’s Roar WordPress blog instead of the Blogspot blog.  So, without further adieu, here is the SPRING GIVEAWAY!


1. This playlist of my favorite spring songs on a lovely CD!


2. A new pair of these from a local shop here in Pocatello (you’ll obviously have to send me your size and gender so you don’t end up with chick sandals that are my size–6):


3. Some of my favorite Aveda product (from local Pocatello La Bella Vita) so you smell like spring herbs!



4. Some gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free scones, courtesy my mad creative baking skills and the recipe of blogger friend Kait from the gluten-free blog, Life Without Buns! Yum!


These scones are awesome because instead of sweetening with things that will make you fat and feel bad, you sweeten with apples!

You can find the recipe by clicking on this link:  http://www.lifewithoutbuns.com/2013/03/15/gluten-free-dairy-free-refined-sugar-free-scones/

5. As always, you will receive a custom piece of artwork from The Lyoness. Made with love and poured from the sun into the mould of my soul. Right now I am working on a series of sunflower pieces–heavy in ink and detailed.

6. A love note/poem written by me.


1) Take a spring picture.

2) Email your address and the picture to me at lyonsjenna@gmail.com. Please do not email me pictures with huge pixelage. Just email me a lovely .jpeg :]

2.5) Do so by 12 midnight on May 15, 2013.

3) I will post them on here and assign them numbers.

4) I will use a random number generator to pick the winner winner chicken dinner!

5) Then I will mail you your present.

Good luck!

I hope you have a lovely day…enjoy the sunshine! I will have more time to post about my life now that I am DONE WITH SCHOOL! Weee-boppity-bee! Time for bike-coffee adventures in the a.m., gardening, and long photography and running sojourns with the dog. And of course, Hotshotting galore. I have lots of exciting news to share with you! And it is going to rain today, so I need to get outside and enjoy it!

I love you. All of you!

J. Bird


Here are some springish pics! xoxox


Kale and chard at the Missoula Farmer’s Market. LOVE YOU BAILEY!


Dress gifted from Heather Day! http://www.vitalbeingwellness.com


Plum tree blossoms


I plum FORGOT what THIS feels like!