Ding Ding! We Have a Winner!

Hi lovely bluebirds! 

I wanted to announce the winner of the Spring Giveaway! 

Congratulations to Elizabeth Adams from Marina del Rey, CA! 

You will be receiving the lovely Lyoness package in the mail this week sometime! 



And because I got SO MANY great submissions (over 100!), I will do a runner-up prize, which will be sent to Jackie Moxam in British Columbia! Here is her lovely picture…LOVE her dogs!!! 



I am off the the farmer’s market in Pocatello…I hope everyone has a productive and fun Saturday. Today is my college graduation in Missoula. Needless to say, I am not there, but rather in Pocatello enjoying time off from work and planning on running some ridgelines and doing a brewery bike ride today. And painting will ensue! I am working on a series right now, and I am very excited about it. Jenna shenanigans. 

I love you all, 



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