Race/Travel Schedule 2013-2014

Hi, lovely bluebirds! 

I have been planning out my next year, and I think I have a pretty full year ahead–kind of like last year, but mostly for running purposes this time and less travel for writing and school purposes.

Here it is…races I am registered for and choosing to train for this next year. I think it should be a good year…a year to reset and get re-focused on what I really like doing. I need to spend more time on the mountain bike, skate skis, and on the trails in general. Time running. Clear my head and get back in endurance shape.

Here is the plan!  

late October- Smokejumper bases tour and Vinyasa Flow yoga intensive in Redmond, OR. 

October 12-13- Boulder 100 in Boulder, CO  or the Deadman Peaks 50 in NM on October 19. 

December 1- Ironman Cozumel in Cozumel, Mexico 

January 26, 2014- St. Croix 50, U.S. Virgin Islands

February 1-April 30: Mysore, India and Pokhara, Nepal 

And then I guess another fire season! 


I am super stoked…the great move to the country and the mountains is happening this weekend. I am excited to work this summer, excited to ski this coming winter (the ski hill is right behind the new house!), and super excited to do some yoga and do a long road ride tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


J. Bird  



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