Wonderwall Cover for B

Here’s a cover I did for my beau, Brandon…It’s one of my favorite songs, which is the Ryan Adams cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis.



4 thoughts on “Wonderwall Cover for B

  1. Hi Jenna, I have just read your “Don’t ride the elephants” blog on the Walking with Elephants Facebook page…sadly I’m technology challenged and can’t find your original :(… I too have spent a couple of stints at WFFT, the last time I took a group of students and will be returning again next January with another group to live and work and donate the funds we have raised in Australia to support the ongoing work that they do…. my last group had some questions that I couldn’t answer and try as I may, cannot find answers to?? You seem like a particularly literate and well educated young lady who has thought deeply on the issues so I was hoping you may be able to help us.
    The idea that people riding elephants can be physically damaging seems counter-intuitive when people can ride horses and the relative size difference is so great and in your blog you also make mention of damage to their souls?? None of our group were in any way supportive of the often abusive and cruel treatment afforded to many Thai elephants… but we were wondering:
    1. Is it possible to raise and domesticate an elephant for riding in a caring and respectful way such that no physical, psychological or emotional damage is done to the elephant (in a relationship akin to that which a shepherd may have with a sheep dog or a stockman with his horse)
    2. Are you able to direct us to any objective evidence or expert veterinary opinion that humans riding elephants is by definition harmful to the elephant regardless of the manner in which the elephant is cared for?
    3. Is it the abusive treatment that is often associated with riding elephants which does the emotional and physical damage rather than the riding itself…and so is there a 3rd option in between not riding elephants and what we have today which meets the best interests of the elephants (both individually and as a species) as well as catering for the economic realities facing the local people??

    We would appreciate any assistance / insights that you could provide 🙂

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