Nooks and Crannies.





The spaces we inhabit are so interesting to me. 

I’m really grateful that Brandon helped me set up a workspace for me to paint and write. It’s so lovely! Perfect with paints, beads, jelly beans, sweetgrass, and jawbones hanging all around. It’s a splendid little nook. I had a beautiful little morning playing with oil paints and listening to Brandi Carlile and drinking mugfuls of coffee. I love my nooks and crannies. I think that as people, we tend to ignore corners and small spaces and windowsills. In reality, those can be the most important parts of our homes…so many soulful things fit perfectly into the smallest of shelves, boxes, mantles, spaces. Right now I am making things for my February art show (it’s gonna be a good one!) and so I am thinking a lot about space and colors while I paint. 

The smell of turpentine and the brisk wind that comes in when you open the door has a tendency to heighten your senses, too. It’s snowy and dark here right now…it is definitely the time to turn inward and contemplate and find ways to keep busy and playful and joyful.

Off to make some tea and walk the Susan-muffin in the briskness of the outdoors.  

Have a lovely little day, bluebirds!





3 thoughts on “Nooks and Crannies.

  1. Hey! found your blog via Elephant Journal. Love it! ❤ I too am a runner, yogini, artist, nature-lover, etc…fun to read your entries! like a kindred spirit! Keep shining!!

  2. Jenna,

    I was lead here by your marvelous writing posts for elephant journal, and have been delighted to find more of your musings and exquisite photographs. Each post seems to read with a sense of open awe and a smile at the corner of the storyteller’s mouth.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful energy and passions, it is very soothing and inspiring to my creative energy!


    P.s. would love to see more of your painting! Do you have an etsy shop or the like?

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