Pressed for Time, Slurping Coffee. Snow.

This morning is utterly beautiful. Up early, made the coffee and now I am listening to NPR and slurping coffee down my gullet like it’s going out of style. And, surprise! There’s a few new inches of snow outside, which should make for wonderful skiing on Sunday. It will be the kind of skiing that feels like you’re skiing in whipped butter. 




I haven’t been skiing as much as I would like to, mostly for lack of snow and time. But, I have been recommitting to my yoga practice and…surprise…dancing more. I’ve spent hours and hours by myself at work in the studio. And, it’s amazing how fast ballet comes back. I had no idea how much leg strength and foot strength I used to have when I was seriously dancing. But everything can come back with work. Brandon and I are performing in Off the Rack, a fundraiser for Blue Mountain Clinic this weekend and our piece is SUPER COOL! I am excited to share it with people and with Brandon. 

Here’s a snapshot from our piece: 



I haven’t had time to go out and photograph things outside due to all the projects. But rest assured, after this weekend you will see tons of pictures of me, Susan, Brandon, and the outdoors we enjoy so much every day. 






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