Reasons to Wake Up [Smiling] in the Morning.

Hello, bluebirds! 

It’s been awhile! I’ve been busy. Between scampering around town with B and Susan and jumping back and forth from Lolo to Missoula every day, I haven’t been giving my writing or my readers the diligence they deserve. 

I thought I would come out and say some things about a few things…things that you’ve probably noticed already (I hate the word things, and I just used it four times). You might have noticed that I am no longer an Editor or a Featured Author for Elephant Journal. This is true. And while it was a hard decision to cut my ties with Elephant Journal, it was the right decision. It was too hard to work 80 hours a week, giving each of my jobs less energy and attention than I felt they deserved—and, giving my loves B and Susan less energy and time than they deserve. I felt like a ghost in my own home, waking up at 6:30 to edit, running, and then leaving at 1 to take care of ranch things. Too much. That being said, I truly miss being a part of the Elephant community and wish for them nothing but blessings and love. 

Right now, I am eating my yogurt and English muffin and chugging coffee. It’s a ranch day, as are most days, but this weekend B and I are going into a retreat. It will feel good to get some thinking, meditating, and running in with him (though I think I meditate most of the day while I feed horses, weed gardens, chop wood, carry water, scoop horse poop). There is nothing more zen than riding horses and taking care of them, I don’t think. The sun in the morning and evening hits their springtime coats at just the right angle to make them sparkle as they eat their hay. 

Yesterday B and I ran errands and basked in the sunshine with the dog, watered the garden. We looked at mountain bikes. I found a rad Salsa mountain bike…still contemplating getting it to race on with MT Alpha this year, though I might vote in favor of just running, climbing, and riding road bikes this season. I have a hard time acquiring something so shiny and excessively nice and expensive and not feeling guilty about it. It’s so beautiful here in the summer that I would probably be content just hiking and running around all day and never owning a mountain bike again! I miss fighting fire during this time of year, but not as much as I miss summer. 

I’m going to go read the newspaper and get ready to head to Lolo. Talk to you soon, lovely bluebirds! 


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